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girl & elephant . We Have to Give Them a Future! #ivoryforelephants #stoppoaching #elephants for #ivory ! #animals #babyelephants #animalbabies #children

Not sure if this should be filed under cool, geek, cute, or art inspirations=) The answer- yes!

Follow @wildlifeplanet for more incredible wildlife and animal posts @wildlifeplanet We are one - Special moment with lion ©Photo by: ©Robert Matakovic

*S O M E T I M E S i R E A L L Y wish S T U F F like T H I S existed B E C A U S E then W E wouldn't H A V E other T H I N G S to worry A B O U T. instead of K I L L I N G each O T H E R we C O U L D work T O G E T H E R to S T O P those W H O are K I L L I N G us*

"Magical Arrival" Who wouldn't want to wake up on Christmas morning with a baby dragon in their sock? The reverse of the card reads "A dragon is for life not just for Yuletide" - wise words! Yule cards published by Eastgate Resource. Artwork © Anne Stokes. Available for license.