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this is what our dog looked like the day we got her from the pound. so depressing in those places

Adopt, change a life. I love animals and it kills me to see animals in shelters and know that I can not adopt them all and take them all home with me.

Imagine....a lot of people would be at the pound. And really...there is such a thing. Except it's a prison and its usually for animal abuse.

imagine a world where dogs took bad owners to the pound . just imagine

Pits are loving dogs. Let them show you.

Dogs are only as good as their owners! No dog is a "bad" dog. This is so true, dogs act in the way you raise them. Its not the breed that makes them mean, its the owner. These poor babies suffer for mistakes made by their owner.

This Dog’s Final Day Proves: We Should Live Every Day Like It’s Our Last  :'(

This Dog’s Final Day Proves: We Should Live Every Day Like It’s Our Last

Every dog deserves to love every day like this. I am bawling.~~ this is kinda what we did when my dog got a tumor which is why I'm crying really really hard: Dogs, Sweet, Pet, Dog S Final, Eye

Only with a Pit Bull... Es verdad que son súper aguantadores con los niños, se les suben, los jalan, los aplastan y  ELLOS FELICES

Oh, just my nephew sitting on my pit's face. They never leave eachother's side.

Another pinner wrote: Vicious child attacks helpless pit bull! This just proves that a breed does not determine the attitude and ferociousness of an animal. It is the way they are breed and raised that determines that.

Poor baby, This elderly man's dog can't walks. So he takes him for a walk in his chair. Thats true love<3

This man's dog can't walk anymore. So he puts the dog on a wheelchair to take her out. Man is dogs best friend! so sweet.

So cool! Love this story!

Inspiring story about a pitbull rescued by police officers. Passionate people who do he right thing are very heroic. I'm happy the dog was reused and is now part of a forever family.

A lot of times I think these dogs love you even more because unlike bred puppies that get adopted from six weeks old, these dogs know what it's like not to have a home.

Don't fall for the hype. A pedigree does not make a dog or cat "better". All dogs and cats should have a forever home and will love you just the same, without the overpriced piece of paper. Adopt a rescue pet or mixed breed from your local shelter.

Dog Warns Parents Babysitter Was Abusing Child - http://www.jokideo.com/dog-warns-parents-babysitter-abusing-child/

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