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The difference between acquaintances and friends. #thinkcolorfully #bff

Watching tv with acquaintances; watching tv with best friends forever.

so true | LoL-So True! - Random Photo (31614093) - Fanpop fanclubs

Yes! The Loki oh no you didn't face. < omg I was not aware of the Loki oh no you didn't face.

This has happened to many so many times! I lost count after one!

Tumblr Of The Week: "LOL So True!" Animated GIFs

That's me my friend is all like there is your crush and I'm like be cool

LOL SO TRUE my friend lauren dose this 2 me all the time especilly with a boy named emmet and garvin

@Hailey Phillips Phillips Phillips Blackwell  @Kate Mazur Mazur Mckenna Wiltbank ❤️

My best friends are beautiful love you guys! >> so true! Love you to peaces! Don't let me down!>> my best friend is more than beautiful!

Hahaha Caleb needs to see this...

Friendship Memes

Road to el dorado my fave movie and i love screaming do not question me at people

. Examples of said trouble: Throwing wheelchairs across the room, hitting others over the head with our canes, refusing to leave the dining room or take our meds, eating random items, escaping and falling in ditches...:)

We'll be the old ladies causing trouble in the nursing homes. (My Grandma and her friend Ms.