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Stop others drinking your wine! = so funny

Combination locks for the bottles in your liquor cabinet. Most people have wine in the house. Whether it is to drink or they use wine to cook. Now you never have to worry about kids getting into any of it! Parenting just got a little easier.

Such a great idea for a unique stocking stuffer: a water bottle with a storage compartment for money, ID, and keys!

Avex 24 oz Kangaroo Autoseal Water Bottle with Storage Compartment - Pink

Contigo AUTOSEAL Kangaroo Water Bottle with storage compartment. A water bottle for the gym that holds your personal things - key, money, drivers license.for friends that work out!

Holy brilliant and such a no-brainer! Best tip of the week! Don't peel the egg, cut it in half while still in the shell and then use a spoon to slide it out of the shell. Duh

Never Peel An Egg Again!

Skip Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs: instead of spending several minutes per egg trying to peel off the shell, simply cut through the shell with a sharp knife and then scoop out the egg with a spoon.

Use The Garlic Shaker To Peel An Entire Head Of Garlic In Seconds

Definitely useful if you spend a ton of time in the kitchen cooking with garlic, the Garlic Shaker is a new kitchen gadget that will take all the cloves from a head of garlic and peel away the skin quickly.

Kitchen MUST HAVES!  And great gift ideas!

12 Baking Gadgets You Should Own

12 Baking Gadgets You Should Own I was looking at this thinking that I love the kitchenAid stand mixer- I would love all of these in my kitchen but sadly i don't have the room for all of these kitchen gadgets.

How to make a buttermilk substitute

How To Make a Quick & Easy Buttermilk Substitute

How To Make Buttermilk from Plain Milk with Lemon Juice or Vinegar — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn. Buttermilk adds tenderness and lighten the batter. 1 cup milk (whole, or heavy cream) 1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar

Bottle Cap Tripod: Stretchy rubber socket with standard tripod screw which mounts on any standard water or soda bottle. Pivots up to 15 degrees in any direction. Very tiny!

Bottle Cap Tripod

Need a tripod in a jiff? Grab the nearest soda or water bottle, stick on the Bottle Cap Tripod, and you’re set! Self-portraits, group photos on self-timer, and steady low-light shots just became a whole lot easier!

Bull Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

surplus-mag: “ Bull Corkscrew and Bottle Opener From one of the manliest animals comes this awesome little bottle opener and corkscrew. You mess with the bull, you get the party started.