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    the best feelings in the world, hot showers, words, quotes, life

    • Kendahl Atkinson

      the best feelings~ all of these are so true. I especially love the tight hugs. Im always saying this!

    • Whitney Fisher

      The best feelings in the world: Hot showers. The first bite of a meal when you are really hungry. Tight hugs. Crawling into bed after a long day. Forehead kisses. Waking up in the morning and actually feeling like you had enough sleep.

    • Theresa Diggs

      So true, and I feel like if you are fortunate to add "with someone you love" to every one of those, you have no reason to complain ever

    • Scott Hawkins

      The best feelings so true - add having the love of your life be the love of your life:)

    • Valerie Glaubke

      Some of the best feelings in the world :) *RAWR *random goodmorning beautiful texts

    • Merrilee Lester

      the best feelings in the world, hot showers, words, quotes, life

    • Olivia Oldham

      Best feelings home truth life me

    • Erin Mabe

      My favorite things. So true!

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    Oh I love this, so true.

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    Love this so much! These are the feelings you should think about when you're feeling down! These are the things that should keep you going! This gives me so much inspiration!

    This is how life should be lived. So many kisses, books, cups of coffee, glasses of wine, oceans to swim in, and stars to gaze at ♡

    All my favorite things ❤

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    So me.

    Take each workout one day at a time.

    This I have found to be so TRUE. When youre happy, you enjoy the music. But, when youre sad, you understand the lyrics.

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    best, celebrity, marilyn monroe, quotes, about love, sayings-- It's the truth just a kiss on the forehead! :)

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    YES! a thousands times, YES!!!