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    Christy B. cooked this horseradish and garlic-crusted prime rib in her NuWave Oven, adapting a recipe she found on the Food Network. Christy told us that this was the juiciest, most delicious prime rib she’s ever had! Check out Christy's recipe here:

    Roasted Parmesan Green Beans! Great alternative if you're tired of green bean casserole! #Foodthanks for healthy foods!

    Cathy R. shared a great recipe for Parmesan Crisps that anyone can make using the NuWave Elite! She told us that these are perfect toppers for French onion soup! She placed 1 tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese in the Silicone Pizza Liner. Then, she placed the liner on the 3-inch rack and cooked at 420°F for 2-3 minutes. Then, using a spatula, she transferred them to a cooling rack before enjoying!

    Sharon A. used her NuWave Oven to make this beautiful prime rib for Christmas dinner. After coating each side of the 5-pound prime rib in her favorite dry rub, Sharon cooked it on the 1-inch rack at 350°F for just 80 minutes. She told us it was the juiciest prime rib she’s ever had!

    Hearthware employee Kelly S. made Spicy Steamed Baby Back Pork Ribs in her NuWave Pressure Cooker with the PIC. Including prep time, she was able to make a complete meal in only one hour!

    Look at this beautiful prime rib, prepared by our very own Chef Jennifer! She prepared it from frozen, one of the best features of the NuWave - 22 minutes per side on the 1-inch rack.