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  • Chico

    Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery: Podiatrist Dr. Ali Khosroabadi performs a groundbreaking bunion removal surgery with rapid recovery time and minimal scarring.(many questions)

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Not all foot surgeries are the same. The type of surgery you have will greatly determine your recovery time. At Triad Foot Center, we have a few tips and tricks to make getting back on your feet faster and less painful. #TriadFootEducates

Bunion Surgery Recovery - Directions Not Included. Considering a bunionectomy? Anna from Directions Not Included will send you her recovery notes from a modified austin bunionectomy and Tailor's bunionectomy in 2014. It is not as bad as you think!!

Parasite remedy: Wormwood Tea-3 cups a day for 10 days MAXIMUM!, Black Walnut Oil-1,000mg 3x/day for 6 weeks, 2 Cloves of Garlic/day indefinitely if you like. This alternative method works 75% of the time. Seek out physician who can perform the 7-8 tests on a stool sample to find out if you have them. The current and outdated gold standard test (one test) does a very poor job of determining today's parasites. (Information taken directly from the Dr. Oz program on parasites.)

The number one factor that makes recovering from surgery a longer, and more painful process than it has to be is the patient herself. Learn what you can do to ease the recovery pain now!

Even if she did it yesterday it doesn't mean she can do it today--in fact, she may be in recovery from yesterday so she is able to do much less! Be gentle. #invisibleillness

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  • Arizona Orthotics

    Considering bunions are not due to a lack of surgery, correcting the cause remains paramount! No amount of exercise will correct the overpronation that causes the compensatory valgus stress and resultant bunion.

How to lace shoes for bunions

If You Are A Runner With A Bunion....