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It’s mid-year and so easy for us to become distracted from our homeschooling goals. What are some ways we can work to limit distractions that keep us from being focused on our full-time jobs as homeschooling moms? Here are five strategies to think about: #blog #hotm #education #homeschool

Buggy Tic-Tac-Toe: "I found this very cute idea in an issue of Woman’s Day Magazine. I knew immediately we just had to make these for the kids in our family for Christmas. (And little do my kiddos know that they helped make one for their very own as well!)" #hotm #blog #activity #homeschool #tictactoe #preschool

Common Homeschool Abbreviations: Let's not forget about: SL= Sonlight, SOTW= Story of the World, VP= Veritas Press, MODG= Mother of Divine Grace, MP= Memoria Press, WP= Winter Promise

2 short videos telling how to set up and how to implement a task card system to encourage independent/organized learning. A space and time efficient version of work boxes. The Unlikely Homeschool.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Homeschooling