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When I was in high school, I watched, studied, and breathlessly absorbed the movie Dead Poet’s Society.  I loved that movie! Loved it!  The ...

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Charlotte Mason High School

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It's the end of the school year....finish strong.

Thinking Kidsfrom Thinking Kids

Patrick of Ireland by Michael A.G. Haykin

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High school students can learn the real story of the fascinating Patrick of Ireland.

Joy in the Homefrom Joy in the Home

Why I Teach American History From Early Elementary Through High School

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Why I Teach American History From Early Elementary Through High School | Homeschool education design for your unique family. |

The Multi Taskin' Momfrom The Multi Taskin' Mom

5 Ways to Stop Stress During School Break

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Five ways to stop stress during a school break

The End In Mindfrom The End In Mind

Adjusting Our Perspective Makes All the Difference

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Adjusting Our Perspective Makes All the Difference - By Lorrie Young

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolersfrom Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

100 Hands-On Activities for Middle School and High School

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Hands-on learning is the best kind of learning. These hands-on activities for middle school and high school students keep older students engaged.

Busy Boys Brigadefrom Busy Boys Brigade

Why All American History Is Perfect For My Gifted Homeschooler

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Busy Boys

Why All American History Is Perfect For My Gifted Homeschooler-and our family with 5 boys! With booklists, suggestions for further study, project ideas, & more, All American History has been such a blessing to our homeschool! Challenging yet adaptable for elementary level up through high school! @brightideasteam

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Homeschool with Movies: Ancient History


9 Totally NOT Boring History Movies for Kids

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Awesome kid-friendly movies that actually teach kids history in a fun way!

Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plusfrom Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

15 Hands-on History Ideas for the French and Indian War

Teaching Middle School History

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15 Hands-on History Ideas for Middle School Kids Studying The French and Indian War @ Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Our Journey Westwardfrom Our Journey Westward

Chronological American History in High School

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What do you do with a high school student who has been through two cycles of American history and thinks a third cycle would just be boring and unfruitful? Well, I spice it up and make sure he div...

Le Chaim (on the right)from Le Chaim (on the right)

Historical Movies for Kids

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Historical Movies For Children (ages 6-12)

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Peace Hill

Hill Press

Susan Wise Bauer on a topic near and dear to me - nap time with older kids (and hers are middle and high school age!)

The Pelsersfrom The Pelsers

How to Plan Your Own History Curriculum

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Excellent run down of how to plan a history curriculum. It mentions resources for younger children, but the basic plan works wonderfully for high school as well.

MollyCoddlefrom MollyCoddle

All About Me kids interview worksheets

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Free printable back to school interview questions to do with your kids #BackToSchool #Homeschool

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Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling Exposing the 7 major blindspots of homeschoolers

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The Power of Perspective I am blessed in that I am my mother’s daughter. She taught me much about life, love and education. We both had the same passion and excitement for understanding the way children’s brains develop, and how they learn best. #hotm #blog #debbiestrayer

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10 ways to adjust your attitude when you’re homeschooling for the long haul

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