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Facing an Empty Nest

Empty nest….The stage in a family’s cycle when the children have grown up and left home to begin their own adult lives. Note: For parents, the empty nest sometimes results in midlife anxiety. – I’ve known it was coming. I’ve been preparing for it. I’ve been praying about it....

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Empty nest black and white art photography by RightOnStrange, $4.00

Some days I'm ok & others not so much. I don't think anybody really gets how hard it is to watch your kids leave you.

Empty nest comes quickly....more quickly than I ever thought possible! - KB

The truth about the 'empty nest'

Gonna need my big girl panties on, how can I possibly let go

Empty Nest definition

Here's a special prayer for the mom who is now - or soon to be - facing an empty nest. A beautiful and poignant adaption of Psalm 139! The Prayer of a Mom Whose Nest Will Soon Be Empty ~ Club31Women