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    Great quotes from founding fathers that can be used to teach language arts!

    • Mary Eaton

      These quotes can be a bridge to primary sources, to get them used to the language and wording. Also, it can explicitly give voices to the Founding Fathers.

    • Debbi Kapp

      FREE The Top Quotes of Founding Fathers Perfect for History Lessons. From Dollie's blog, Teachers of Good Things. FREE

    • Meredith Weger

      This is a cool lesson where you can study quotes of our founding fathers to learn about certain American History events. This could also be a language arts integration if you analyzed the speech since back then language was different.

    • Mindy Lambeth

      The Top Quotes of Founding Fathers Perfect for History Lessons, Civil duty, and Language Arts.

    • Meigen Bouman

      The Top Quotes of Founding Fathers Perfect for Language Art Lessons- copywork

    • Haley Catlin

      Quotes from the founding fathers that can be used for teaching language arts!

    • Jennifer H

      The Top Quotes of Founding Fathers Perfect for American History Lessons

    • Amber Banuelos

      History/reading .. The top quotes of founding fathers

    • Christy Westover

      The top quotes of founding fathers- Dictation

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    Except, I thought it was George washington who hated the parties? John Adams and Thomas jefferson both took sides in parties, and two best friends ended up becoming terrible enemies. Still a good quote though.

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    Could do with many parts of language!

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