Great quotes from founding fathers that can be used to teach language arts!

Disney Songs Mash-Up Figurative Language

Book of Word Retrieval Strategies #sleeps

Mistakes are proof that you are trying....also like her simple rules (Work hard. Be nice.)

Free Worksheets for English, EFL, and ESL Lessons

Guess Who! American History-So fun for the classroom (and a great review). use this for the Founding Fathers and Mothers!

The top quotes of founding fathers perfect for civil duty lessons

Landforms reference charts

Great use of interactive notebooks in Language Arts for the intermediate grades.

Homeschooling for Free and Frugal: Six Nearly Free Ways to Learn a Second Language

Foreign language tips and resources ~ brought to you by: Le Chaim (on the right)

Native American Totem Pole Art Lesson 4th grade Art with Ms. Gram and loads of other ideas!

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “I’m a Text Detective {FREE Reading Response Mini-booklet}” - Go to The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs for this and hundreds of free lessons. 2nd - 4th Grade #FreeLesson #LanguageArts

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Native American Buffalo Hides Lesson Plan, culture and art fusion

Combine SS, language arts, and art with "Point of View" eyeballs.

How to Use Quotes of Founding Fathers to Teach American History

Love this! Socialization is the first thing my concerned friends and family ask me about when I tell them I'm homeschooling my kids. It is like they haven't paid any attention to them. You say homeschool and automatically very social children (like mine) who love to play and interact with others are lumped into a cloistered socially inept group.

Wonderful figurative language video using pop music and movies!

Quotation Mark Showdown Task Cards (free in Laura Candler's Language Arts file cabinet)

Group work reminders bulletin board: Give your students a visible reminder of the expectations for group work.