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  • Answers Africa

    10 Seamless Afrikaans Rappers of Afrikaans Rap Music

  • Cristiano Magalhães

    Die Antwoord (a.k.a. Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er; a.k.a. Watkin Tudor Jones and Yolandi Visser)

  • Δ Ambreanna Carswell Ψ

    Die Antwoord - U Make a Ninja Wanna Fuck. #DieAntwoord #Ninja

  • Vanessa Tignanelli

    It's easy to remember the first time you heard—or rather, saw—Die Antwoord. The bombastic, rhyme-slinging hip-hop duo from South Africa likely appeared before you on a computer screen circa 2010. Chances are it was their video for "Enter the Ninja," or maybe "Zef Side"—in either event, your eyes and ears were at once assaulted, confused, and enraptured. Here was a bone-skinny white dude, deathly angry, flopping around in a pair of Pink Floyd boxer shorts

  • Indie Helsinki

    Die Antwoord - Fatty boom boom (better watch the music video, CRAZY :D)

  • Ali Hmg

    Scandinavian (and apparently South African) styles are so dope.

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Interesting lady...eyes and forehead make me want to hear what she is thinking!

"Just look into the eyes. You are sure to see. We are more the same, then we even believe." - Chris Mott -

These are just so.... Beautiful.who says you need Botox or a face lift everyone of these people's creases and wrinkle says they loved, they feared, the questioned, but most of all they lived.

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Ecuador.. really is this what flows thru my blood Ecuadorian culture amazing!

Beatles :) Being a musician myself Admitting I was never a big fan of the Beatles you cannot discredit the FACT these young lads from Liverpool reshaped the music world forever and have influenced generations with their many contributions to rock-n-roll!

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