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    FUN Scientific investigations for kids! Can your little one hypothesize the varying outcomes?

    Simple Science Guide for a Year of Science Experiments for Kids

    14 hands on experiments for kids - simple science that is mega fun!

    Erupting GOOP! So flippin FUN!

    Explore the science of touch and senses as kids us logical reasoning to guess what's in each balloon! Great STEM project for all ages!

    Clean Mud- a fantastically FUN sensory play material that is clean and fresh yet feels just like mud!

    {12 Great Building Materials for Kids} - fun items kids can use to build, construct and engineer structures!

    Amazing two ingredient ice cream dough for fabulously fun sensory play- it's cold and looks just like ice cream! (Such a fun way for kids to keep cool this Summer)

    Challenge and Discover: Kitchen Chemistry - easy kitchen chemistry activities for kids and a challenge to try your own kitchen science at home

    Who knew this WAS possible? Make a lemon battery at home with your kids - what fun!

    The 25 Coolest Science Experiments for kids

    MUST TRY EXPERIMENTS! Over 25 AMAZING Science Experiments for Kids - I can't wait to try these!

    Fun LEGO spelling games for kids.

    Ever notice that sometimes all it takes is a fun activity to change your kid's mood? Try this post for baking soda and colored vinegar -- along other focused fine motor activities to help young kids reset.

    Top 50 FREE Educational Apps For Kids

    Over 50 SUPER FUN ways to play with baking soda and vinegar from Growing A Jeweled Rose.

    Fun Science activities for kids.

    Kids create their own mini colorful eruptions with the Baking Soda Experiments. This science activity kept my kids entertained for over an hour!

    There is so much to learn about leaves -- structure, shape, color, … These are fun science activities for kids to learn about leaves. They are so fun and easy, that a preschooler can enjoy them.

    Science Experiments for Kids - what a great list of activities for Summer!

    A NEW way to make dinosaur eggs using only two ingredients. With this new recipe, these magic eggs hatch and everything to reveal baby dinosaurs! Would be easy to make in the classroom too!