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2/14/14 [fb] Can you feel the love? @Fingerprint Marketing Graphic and Website Design is giving away a new Samsung Galaxy Tab as part of their Valentine's #Giveaway!

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27 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2012

The D-Shape printer, created by Enrico Dini, is capable of printing a two-story building, complete with rooms, stairs, pipes, and partitions. Using nothing but sand and an inorganic binding compound, the resulting material has the same durability as reinforced concrete with the look of marble. Anime Japanese Pikachu Pokemon Bulbasaur Nintendo Game Home Decorative Ceramic Art Vase Green: Computers & Accessories

Glorious Sirius looks like one bright star but is actually a binary system composed of 2 stars (Sirius A, the brighter & Sirius B, a faint white dwarf). Together, they glitter like a silver-blue diamond! Binary stars are too close to be distinguished from one another when observed from Earth and are hence mistaken for one. The two stars of a binary typically orbit about a common center of mass. Sirius is easy to see in the spring and winter skies.

David Cole's playful mashup of action figures and panoramic photography

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Transparent Bubble Crib Makes Your Bundle of Joy Look Like a Science Experiment

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Bubble wrap typography by Lo Siento

Lo Siento, a Spanish graphic design studio, created ‘bubble wrap typography’ for the cover of Japan’s +81 magazine. The bubble wrap was injected with a mixture of water and blue dye, and the filled bubbles spelled out the words ‘Next Creativity’, which was the subject of that month’s issue. This is a great example of how 3D design can be used in a 2D medium.