colourfulequines: Paint horse with badger face marking. (source)

unknown; Arabian x Clydesdale filly; bay sabino (?) - almost perfect question mark!

Badger face sport horse :)

Baske n Fame

Spam of horses? I wouldn't consider it a spam at all!

Such striking markings...

Splash Paint with a badger face and a blue eye

Reverse Dappling or Giraffe Markings

this coat is very rare it is called a reverse leopard or a snowflake.

love the eyebrow all the markings. Ears different colors, nose black...etc. What a beauty!

Villa Vanner's Sinead, a Gypsy Horse, displays the chocolate dapple coloration. Photo (c) Mark J. Barrett.

look at that face and that eye!

Spectacular markings!

This horse is a paint/pinto (once again pretty much meaning the same thing). Notice the facial markings, you could almost call it a bald face, but in this case you would call it skewbald or piebald. The color, besides being a paint, is a dun. The variation of dun is called a smokey dun.

Cool markings!

A horse of a different color

Wow!! Cool markings!!!

badger face marking.

stunning markings


badgerfaced poor guy who wants to be called a badger face