A yearly photo of your child with their favourite book at the time. As they grow and change their favourite book would change too.

Keep the sign for every year and have a spin on showing a baby's growth in first year... I love first day of school pictures :)

Take a photo with the same accessory every year, I love the crown!

baby in boots

Mother and daughter. Take a picture just like this every year see how you both change.

Must-have books for your baby bookworm!

Baby books

Casual bump pics like this are sweet. Can't forget to document that time even when you feel like doing anything but taking photos.

if you ever wandered if you could raise a bilingual child, here is how to do it. a step by step guide.

A great way to document all the milestones of a child's 1st year of life.

Baby on a stack of Dr. Seuss books - I want this shot for a newborn picture one day!

This will be Em's child!

Do you know what to do if your baby begins choking? Updated techniques could help save a child's life!

Great ideas to surprise kids that don't involve money. These are the kinds of things they truly remember!

Baby and books - two of my favorite things. (Kelly Braman Photograpy)

This is THE CUTEST way to announce a second child... Plus, that kid is adorable. Maybe I'll just hire him to announce my first child instead... haha! Awkward...

Other books "i love you forever" "I love you this much" "Oh the places you will go".

Would be cool to do every year

First Birthday Photo Ideas


1 year old meal ideas- pinning this for later on ( it'll be here before I know it!)