Geometry Unit and Symmetry Activity

Beautiful Ideas: Leaf Symmetry Drawings

Have the students pick a number. Count that number of sticks. Make a design and recreate it with the same color markers on paper. Love all of the components! Great for creative fine motor practice

Line Symmetry Picture with one line of symmetry, third grade geometry worksheet

replica- Team 1 roll dice, take that many pieces of one colour and make pattern. Team2 replicates pattern on their side of the symmetry line. Team 2Player rolls dice and makes pattern on their side for team1 to copy. Can make new structure or… add onto existing by using a different colour


printable pattern block mats.

Crafts~N~Things for Children: Coin Activities. It shows what coins you need to make 1 cent up to 20 cents.

Awesome FREE app for geoboards!! This is fantastic. It's great for teaching 2D geometry and area and perimeter as well.

geometry math bins

The very hungry caterpillar

Number Sort - A fun number activity! Searching for numbers and sorting them into groups on a magnetic board.

You know I love my math stations!

Pattern block templates

More Math Activities

This foldable displays all the two dimensional shapes along with how many sides each shape has on the inside. This correlates to NYS Common Core Math Standard 5.G.4 Classify two dimensional figures into categories based on their properties.

Love this for Geometry! The Shape of Things - A ______ (shape) is just a ______ until you add _______ and it becomes a _________.



Subitizing - partner activity; Love it! Step by step to make a station game. FREE

Voorbeeldkaarten bij het thema dieren voor het materiaal Tangram - Juf Sanne