Lego Science Experiment! You have to see these pictures. Too Funny! My kids would love this

AMAZING glow in the dark Science experiments for kids using oil and water. SERIOUSLY SO COOL!

The balloon hovercraft ready for launch...lots of science experiments to try with the kids

15 Science Experiments that Pop Fizz and Crackle

Build a Lego Volcano for Baking Soda Science Experiment

Oil & Water Project Tutorial - An awesome science experiment for kids!

Science with Kids: Salt Volcano. A salt volcano acts a lot like a lava lamp- kids are in awe over this fun Science

15 Simple Science Projects For Kids. Kids? I'm thinking they look fun and may do some of them myself! :-)

Easy ice science experiment

science experiments

way cool experiments with eggs for kids.

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Fun Science Experiment for Kids: Elephant Toothpaste! from Fun at Home with Kids

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Exploring Colors: Floating S Experiment This is a really cool experiment I saw at a workshop I attended. Materials Needed: Disposable bowls Small cups Skittles candy Pitcher of water Printable recording sheet and crayons or markers Set Up: In advance, gather all materials. Place at least 3 Skittles in each child’s cup. I gave each …

A mesmerizing science experiment - basically, you take a dish of milk, add food dye, dish soap and sit back! The colors swirl - there is a video on here of the experiment in action.

10 {Silly} Science Experiments for Kids!

Can a pencil go through a bag with out leaking? Fun science experiment for kids! This really worked for me but don't know how

kids science experiment