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Today on the podcast Christina Platt and I get into the idea that for the world to get better we have to give a crap about things, what is true abundance, and primal, innate business and women in community. Link here to listen/watch: If you dig this episode be sure to let me know in a comment on the blog, here on Pinterest or you can find me on Twitter @lizdialto, too. Sending you Monday love!

from Healdove

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Creation hinges on your ability to move your average focus into the place that's more in alignment with who you really are and what you really want than with what you don't want and sometimes than what you've got. Take your focus off what is. When there is conflict or you feel down or stressed out ignore or dismiss the thoughts you have and ask your self what it is you are desiring. Focus enough to focus on what you desire. Stop justifying where you stand. Stop Arguing for your limitations…

If you're beautiful, you don't need to stress it to people. If you're smart, you don't need to emphasize it. If you're kind, you don't need to mention it. Who you are shows on its own. When you brag about your qualities, you're showing your insecurities.