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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Milan - Commercial gallery, 1877. Its art celebrate the establishment of Italy as an independent country, built during the heady days of Italian unification (c 1870)


The Most Popular City Squares of the World

Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City. In the city when Pope Paul had died & no new Pope elected. Standing in line in the rain with rainbow colors of umbrellas to view the Pope.

Menelek II King of Kings of Abyssinia (1844-1913)Dow Miller (1933-1993) Menelek joined together several independent kingdoms that were often at odds with each other into one strong stable empire known as the United States of Abyssinia (Ethiopia). A stunning victory over Italy in the Battle of Adwa in defense of his own country placed him among the great world leaders in history.


Flag ii 0090

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H is for History. Italy took control of Libya in 1912. When World War II began, Italy went to go fight on Germany's side, and the British took control, in 1943. By 1947 Italy gave up all claim on Libya. Then in 1949, the UN decided Libya should be an independent country, and had a constitution made. Libya was declared independent on December 1, 1951 by King Idris.