Waterspout near Tampa Florida

Waterspout with lightning


So cool! Once when I was flying over the southwest I saw something very similar for 20 minutes, I was glued to my window, it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

Lightning illuminates a cumulonimbus cloud over Corio Bay, Victoria, Australia

Wow, this is awesome. Sunset and lightning over water.


Vintage Australian Travel Poster. #australia #travel #vintage

Multiple waterspouts near the Novorossiysk shore


What a View of this Wave. Run!!!!

Incredible waterspout



Storm in Montana. Psalm 24:1

Wonderfully colourful Australia travel poster, 1930 // by Percy Trompf- features women wearing wide legged trousers in black and patterned red and white fabrics, one worn with strappy yellow top and another with long sleeved orange patterned blouse- both accessorised with big floppy hats.