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DIY Tangle-Free Headphones with Embroidery Floss

In our post about The Science Behind Earbud Tangles, we showed you that making cords thicker is one of four ways to keep wires from knotting up in your pocket or purse. So we're not surprised to see that one Pinterest user figured out that a super-easy string-knotting technique keeps her 'buds from ...
  • vân

    Use friendship bracelet knot to wrap headphone cables.

  • Ann-Marie ~

    This is such a good idea! It's the same knot used on friendship bracelets to make them tangle-proof.

  • Tyna Augustine

    Friendship bracelet your ipod buds

  • Stevie Dyok

    Great Idea!!! DIY Friendship braceleting over your ear bud cords! Not only does it look awesome but they don't tangle at all now! need to remember this

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