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Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by Leah896

Op Art American Flag - 5th or 6th grade art project

elementary art education lesson 4th grade tints winter

4th grade warm colors- might be kind of neat around halloween

4th grade art projects - Google Search

I loved doing tree houses with my 4th graders!!!!! Makes me nostalgic for my elementary days, but I'd never willingly leave my high schoolers now!

skyward view in autumn- grade 4

Van Gogh snowman - Arts Everyday. Can be a little more advanced for high school students. They can research a famous painting and replicate it depending on the lesson being taught.

4th grade tints and silhouette

printmaking lesson to 4th graders using leaves and white tempera paint. The vein side of the leaf was inked with a big brush and white paint. Composition and positive and negative space was emphasized. Some students used overlapping to create depth. The background was sponge painted with white and blue leaving black around the edges of the leaves to create contrast. Colored pencils were used to add color to the leaves.