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Japanese matchbox label, circa 1930s from the collection of David Freund. via Design Observer

from Honestly WTF

Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus

i have this weird idea that a character could have like hair that changes colour dependent on the mood. maybe like this colour scheme idk. /the dank meme babblings/

from grain edit

Eric Tan: Fly

Old travel posters. Evoke thoughts of far away. The dinosaur welcomed the upgrade to first class. The bed was bigger and he welcomed the sleep, while he navigated the streets of Tokyo the next day.

The image uses two colors, as well as the black and white. The colors are not too hard or soft that they compliment each other. The picture has several designs such as the stripes and the zig-zags, but not overly complicated that distract one from the other.

from Bashooka

20 Creative Negative Space Design Inspiration

i have an idea!!! every body should make a pin giving a movie suggestion, what days+times you are availible, and time zone so know how to coordinate. good idea/bad idea?

大正・昭和前期の非常にデザイン性の高い日本の「マッチ箱ラベル」コレクション40選 - DNA