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    The Sonny and Cher show...

    November 10, 1958 Life Magazine

    President Carter

    I totally remember the ad where the tush moved

    My daughter use to have one of these. I got my first polaroid in 1969 as a gift for high school graduation.

    The Twist! 1961

    Housewifery under the influence.


    Tang. This is actually more 1960's - We were all told this is what the astronauts drank.

    Peter, Paul & Mary - Lemon Tree

    Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison


    Richard Hatch & Rick Springfield (Battlestar Galactica - 1978)

    The Flip, the iconic early 60s hairdo I had this same hair style - and I have the pictures to prove it. First I shampooed my hair, then rolled it on rollers to air dry, then "fixed" it by a litte teasing for some lift on top and spray, spray, spray so not a hair could move! Hairspray was cheap then & most girls used Aqua Net.

    Paul McCartney

    Coca Cola Commercial - I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony) - 1971

    Matthew Broderick in Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    Where oh where are you tonight? Hee Haw

    Children in a movie theater, 1958. (Notice girls wore dresses even to the movies.)


    The sock hop was an informal sponsored dance at American high schools, typically held in the high school's own gym or cafeteria. Socks were worn because shoes damaged the gym floors.

    DO YOU REMEMBER THESE?...Footage from 1950s television commercials and home videos accompanies by The Statler Brothers. Suggests a simpler, happier time for some Americans.

    Three stylish 1950's women stop to chat in the frozen meat section of the grocery store. This wasn't just in the 50's. In the 90's most of my social life took place at the Albertson's grocery store in Mukilteo.

    the 60s..