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@Brenda Skime :) ~My son's girlfriend pinned this to her page with my name on it!!! Awwwwww sweet!!!~

The only guy who deserves you, is the one who thinks he doesn't. Mon amour, we deserve each other..

from Sugar Bee Crafts

my word of the year, 2014

No one ever took me seriously. I was either too small, or too weak, or too carefree for others to look at me like I could make a difference. But all of those moments where people defeated me for things that weren't necessarily bad things, those moments made me great. Follow:

It's so funny you post this cause you rarely do it yourself. You must first GIVE LOVE to receive it. And when someone tries their absolute best to give you their love and you constantly ignore it then they quit doing things they don't get in return!


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