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  • Kylee Marie

    Montessori phonetic language activity with fine-motor component: letter beads and pipe cleaners. I love this idea! Students can work on fine motor skills while still working on spelling. I would have this has a center in my classroom to have students work on their spelling words for the week.

  • Angie Markwood

    Sight Word or Word family practice- beads and pipe cleaners

  • Anissa

    Word Work with Beads and Pipe Cleaners- Great for Word Study (Free idea). Spelling Words.

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rainbow writing (did something similar to this with the alphabet when one of my nanny charges were in kindergarten --- except they picked the color traced the letter 3 times, said the letter name and sound(s), repeated with at least 4 other colors), so I love this for learning spelling words. Could make writing them so much more fun and exciting.

Great idea for word work in the classroom or at home. Children use the numbered letter tiles on the left to add up their spelling word "points".

Spelling word practice. If we used a board like this, it would save us from having to photocopy those packets every week. We'd be able to do just a front & back page for vocab list and spelling list instead.(And plus, these activities are way more fun than the current ones we assign.)

Building Words - fun spelling activity for kindergarten { includes how to adapt it for preschool}

Sight Word Sleuth; also use with just letters or with spelling words for older kids

Students practice spelling each others names...could do this with sight words too! Could use a door, a filing cabinet, or magnetic white board!

Busy Bag: 3 Letter Lacing by Melissa from Mama Miss at I Can Teach My Child

This is a handy form that Can be used in both Kindergarten and First Grade. It is a fun way for students to practice writing and learning their sig...

Sight Words & Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe FREEBIE

This activity can give a great motivation to students to write spells correctly. I will do this activity with lower grade students and ESOL studnts who are in beginner level.

{What is the value of typing?} How important do you feel it is for your child to learn to be computer savvy? My girls begged for me to set up books so that they could practice typing words. It definitely was useful for spelling, word recognition, and playing with punctuation. Yet, I still wonder if the time would have better spent writing with a pencil & paper. What is your opinion on screen time for elementary aged school children? Do you have any screen time rules or limits at your house? Share your thoughts below!