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And there you have it.....

I should not have laughed so hard at this....Haha.

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Until youre pregnant, then neither bra on or bra off feels good. Cuz their so DAMN MASSIVE! More funny pictures at

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LOL!!!! Um, er, well yeah! *tears rolling down my face I'm laughing so hard*

This is too perfect! Last week me and my sister were at the gym cycling and The Two Towers was on. This has become a joke for us since. Whenever one of us is having a near heart attack, the other one says 'just keep breathing Gimli, that's the key.'


(Hey, I lost my phone… April Fool's Day prank idea? Heh! heh! ) I can already name which one of my friends would fall for this Bahaha

Ugh... Stressing for no logical reason…so true!

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Funniest thing ever!

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Too funny!!

I love it

112 ounces of pudding