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Texas Students Hijack a U.S. Government Drone in Midair:hijack a drone and control it? That's even worse. And a team of researchers has done it for 1,000 bucks.  The University of Texas at Austin team successfully nabbed the drone on a dare from the Department of Homeland Security. They managed to do it through spoofing, a technique where a signal from hackers pretends to be the same as one sent to the drone's GPS.
Mikrokopter is a German self stabilizing drone which can be used as a flying tripod for digital photography.
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Next-gen US drone: now equipped with ‘death ray’ laser
MORE U.S. STATES SEEK TO LIMIT USE OF DRONES. As drone usage proliferates among federal agencies and the U.S. military, an increasing number of states are fighting back with legislation aimed at limiting or banning outright the use of the unmanned surveillance vehicles in their airspace.
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