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Who would agree that some ships are better than others? Cheers to all the great friends who help us sail through life and stay on course :) The best ship is "friendship!" What my #coffee says to me June 27.

Life is full of zen. Would you not agree? Life is full of infinite, delicious surprises! Today What my #coffee says to me is inspired by Wulong Tea. One must shake things up! The Beatles From Me to You was the music in my head this morning. I found this vintage Beatles version. Sing along and find your zen thing for the middle of the week. Start spreading love and zen in your world!

Crazy love. Swimming in the glow of coffee love. Don't get burned. Wild, swirls of hot light and desire. Swimming in coffee love. Care to splash around? What my #coffee says to me April 9th.

How sweet it is to be loved by that is. What my #Coffee says to me August 7

What makes you purr on a Monday? A hot cup of coffee in your hands? Mediation? What my #coffee says to me Feb 20

Who among us has not desired the bottomless cup of coffee? The continuous flow of the delightful brown elixir. Inépuisable tasse :) May the coffee be with you today and always. What my #coffee says to me April 17... Bottomless cup!

Hello, is it BREW you're looking for? LOL, why yes it is. What my #coffee says to me May 3.

Look for the symbol when purchasing things. So important to me to help support people globally who are trying to make a living and not cut them short of their earnings. Fair trade for everyone