Freezing ice balloons for coolers at parties-very festive and much less drippy than ice! Genius!

Instead of using ice, freeze water filled colorful balloons to use between your beverages. A nice pop of color and once they melt, the ensuing water balloon fight will be a great way to cool off!

No helium needed to fill balloons for parties.....just vinegar and baking soda! i need to remember this!

Use muffin pan to make big ice cubes for pitcher

colored ice from water for winter

For outside parties, bury glowsticks in the ice.

Freeze water balloons as a festive way to keep drinks cold for a party. genius!

Freeze ice cream scoops in a muffin pan before the party. Great time saver & much less messy at cake time. Kids parties.

What a "why-didn't I think of that" kind of idea. Put a wine or margarita glass in the middle of a large bowl for instant chip and dip set!

How to fill balloons.. Instead of pinatas for parties

Inflatable cooler for salads and condiments.

Table lamps using wine glasses

2 small & 1 large kiddie pools, drill holes around outside edge of bottom & stack on top of utility buckets. Cold water melting from ice will drain into the pool below & keep plenty of drinks cold even after the party's over

Upside down cupcake papers to keep the bugs away! Genius!

Better than folding the tape over, because then you don;t have to remove the folded part! GENIUS!

Take a round table, a baby pool, a blanket, and 2 plastic tablecloths... fill with ice...instant cooler!

Great tip for painting...DUH! So genius! #home #paintingtips #homedecor #painting

Water Balloon Pinata! Summer PARTY FUN!!!