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Chinese style

Jewelled Anklet via Marine Decadence Wedding Theme / LANE (PS Follow The LANE on instagram: the_lane) | See more about Anklet, Beach Weddings and Wedding.

I want a lace jewel veil. beautyandcuriosity: HER FACE HAS THE MYSTERY LIKE THE MONA LISA & THE SPYHNX. moldavia: Armani Privé Haute Couture F/W 2012

Beautiful bride

Sonja Wanda by Pascal Bunning

I *know* it's not Steam Punk. But I love it, and there's no other board it fits into :D Chainmail Body Jewellery

♀ Feminine beauty fashion photography Pastel Romance girls on the swing

Creepy Geisha Captures - The Tim Walker for W Magazine Editorial is Mysterious and Moody (GALLERY)

Madonnas by Katarzyna Widmanska, a photographer based in Warszawa, Poland, are visually striking. Inspired by the historical and religious a...

gold skull headdress

Tribal Belly Dance Body Drape

'Steam mystique' steampunk ring #steampunk #jewelry #fashion I need this ring !

Green silk chiffon evening dress with glass and pearl beadwork, ivory lace collar and cuffs, and waistband of gold gauze and twisted silver braid, by Sarah Fullerton Monteith Young, English (London), c. 1906-08. Worn by Maud Messel.


Only a photo, but I want to remember the look and think of way to make it

Costume design.

fairytaleglamour: purplefairies: nonsensicalpoop: hoover900: gkojax: aurorae: eroino: Night Butterfly by `Wishmistress on deviantART (via etoystk, fuckyeahawesomehair) 2009-11-02

John Galliano...