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Straw Bale Gardens: The Breakthrough Method for Growing Vegetables Anywhere, Earlier and with No Weeding by Joel Karsten#Books #Garden #Straw_Bale

  • Pam Moore

    Cannot wait to try this but having a hard time locating a source for straw bales in this part of Texas. Lots of hay but no straw! Any suggestions?

  • Melanie Fisher

    Craig's list is how we found bales.

  • Margaret Brewer

    Just got my bales hopefully it not to early to get'em it's winter here will they still be ok for spring?

  • Leanne Franson

    Absolutely it is not too early. You might want to cover them, or not. They take a whole season to break down even with fertilizer... they are not going to "go bad".. as decomposition within the bale is exactly what we want.

  • Connie S

    I went to Joel Karsten's class and went home and tried my own straw bale garden. It was great. My tomatoes were great. I also planted cukes, red and green pepper. Also planted wave petunias on the front of the bales and they looked great, but would plant more next year.

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I am extremely excited to do straw bale gardening this year! We have five hale bales behind our house that I can use. : )

  • Terry @ Moss and Clover

    I tried this one year and couldn't cut thru the bales. :0(

  • Linda Bunk

    You really would not have to cut through the bails. They are so tight once you cut the strings off you can pull bails apart in chunks a few inches thick. Then you can frame them by using old branches as supports. Or setting them up just right and putting twine around them to hold them in place. You may need both for support. You would then fill in your home made straw or hay pot with a mix of compost, mixed with loam, peat moss or your choice of mix. Then start planting. I wonder if the rabbits will take longer to figure out the lettuce is up on top of that bail. LOL

  • Carolyn Snyder

    Why would you want to cut through the bales?

straw bale gardening | the Love of Family: How to plant a straw bale garden

Affordable Straw Bale Garden: Arrange and water the bales daily for 3-4 weeks before planting. Then plant seeds/seedlings with a little seed-starting mix. Use soaker hoses to water. Bales break down and can be removed or left to break down over the winter and then tilled into the ground.

How to Build a Straw Bale Garden - Modern Farmer

  • Louisa R

    this would be perfect - going to have to do this for sure

Very nice blog account of organic straw bale gardening.

  • Brittany Ashby

    Just be aware that a straw bale often has seed heads inside and once you water it, the straw can grow up out of that bale thicker than weeds.

  • John Hanks

    not to mention straw bales mold easily.

  • Carrie Pauly

    Yes, there is always grass that grows up from the bales, but it is VERY easy to pluck out with two fingers and even when I had a new baby and was too busy to 'weed' my garden didn't suffer in the least by letting the grass grow as much as it wanted. My plants were much much bigger and the grass couldn't compete. John, I grew up on a horse farm so I know what you mean about mold, but I never had mold trouble in the five years I had a strawbale garden.

  • Ramona Curtis

    Thank you Carrie

4 the Love of Family: straw bale gardening

What works better in straw bale gardens? Seedlings or seeds?

How to build a straw bale garden

Tomato plants flourish in straw bales, and no weeds or weeding! Check out the straw-bale gardening movement that has become one of this summer's hottest gardening trends. (AP Photo/Cool Springs Press, Tracy Walsh/Poser Design)

  • Samson Hu

    Love it!

  • Buster Vegas

    If you like raised gardening this has gotta be cats meow. Short bale is around 5 bucks in Vegas and can work wonders in our dry heat. Add some horsie manure (not alot) and vegetable scraps to the bales and here in the desert, lots of water

  • Vicky Bailey

    Sandra, was it bees or was it wasps? Maybe Yellow Jackets? I am very curious. I have been around honey bees my whole life and have never heard of this. I have heard that the African Bees that many call killer bees behave somewhat differently, but I have no real experience with those. Do you have pictures? Please don't take offence, I seriously am just very curious.

  • marcia mckinnon

    Not bees--sounds like yellow jackets. They hive up beneath dog houses ,in the ground under old boards, porch steps, anywhere dry and can sting like the devil. They would not be under a WET straw bale being used as a garden bed.

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Strawberry straw bale gardening

  • Leanne Franson

    Are those on shelves or something? They look on levels one above the other, with empty space between the floor and first space. When I click through it says "permission denied".