• Victoria Mosier

    Our New Straw Bale Garden–Part I | Root Simple

  • Rebecca Dhand

    Our New Straw Bale Garden–Part I - Excellent set-up. Southwest facing, put the tallest plants in the long back row.

  • Zada Sorrell

    hay bale gardening - much cheaper than raised beds, with the compounding interest of mulching hay bales.

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This fan is an excellent choice for basic, no frills air movement. It's a great way to save on the air conditioning bill, stir up a breeze on your porch, or to push cool air into areas not so well air conditioned. Great value for money.

The amount of water homeowners use to keep their lawns green or gardens lush spikes in the summer—two to four times as much water than they use the rest of the year! You can help use less water and create a healthier landscape by using and sharing these facts about over-watering and tips for reducing outdoor water use.

Our new cylindrical Bright Stik LED light bulb, with its sleek look, was designed to fit even more sockets than ordinary bulbs. It's an affordable LED light bulb that delivers instant brightness for any room in your house, and it looks good doing it.

The MOEN Eco-Performance Single Function Showerhead has the WaterSense label, which means it saves water without compromising performance.

This bamboo flooring has achieved GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification and has been tested for more than 10,000 volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde, to meet these standards. It's hard to beat bamboo flooring for natural beauty and durability, too. The prefinished flooring has a seven-layer aluminum oxide finish providing protection from everyday wear.

Easy tips to make your home more eco-friendly. The Home Depot can help you conserve water, save money on electricity and grow your garden naturally green.

Eco-friendly option for camping, picnics or tailgating. No paper towels; wash when you get home and reuse!

This wall panel convection heater can help you save on your heating cost. The heater can be painted to match the room decor and will operate silently and safely as there are no moving parts, no gas and no exposed heating elements. Great for a bedroom or that room that just never gets warm.

As a retrofitted sink basin, SinkPositive delivers a touch-free, eco-friendly hand wash with every flush. By rerouting clean water from the supply line, the water runs through the faucet and then drains directly into the bowl. The reuse of this soapy water to refill the bowl can save gallons of water each day. It's great for a small bathroom where the space is tight.

"These lights bring back the old incandescent glow to the home." -Home Depot customer Ryan. This Cree LED bulb lights instantly, is dimmable without buzzing, and emits a warm, Omni-directional light. This 2700K bulb emits a warm soft light. (The 5000K "daylight" version of this bulb provides a cooler light.)

This rug pad is made from 100% post industrial recycled synthetic fibers with all natural rubber. A rug pad is essential to keeping your rug attractive and to extend the life of your rug. Other sizes available.

The HDX 8-cup water pitcher comes equipped with two universal filters that fit Brita, Pur and most other brands. The four-step filtration system, with its coconut activated carbon, removes certain harmful elements in water and eliminates the chlorine taste of tap water.

How do current LED light bulbs compare to incandescent bulbs in brightness and color? Here's a comparison by Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook. || Jenny Komenda

5 Ways to Get Pure, Clean Water in Your Home: Click through to learn the benefits of each of these five ways to filter the water in your home.

PureBond hardwood plywood is formaldehyde-free. This reduces interior formaldehyde emissions compared to plywood made from traditional technology. These panels are all CARB P2 compliant and contribute points to LEED® and other green building standards, too. Click through for more on this innovative, eco-friendly product sold at The Home Depot

How to Weatherize Your Home: Weather stripping and caulking around windows and doors are small projects that can have a big impact on how much energy – and money – you can save throughout the year. DIYers of any skill level can take on these easy updates and increase the energy-efficiency of their home.

Save energy with wool dryer balls. They reduce the amount of time you need to run your dryer. They also soften your clothes without fabric softener. Jilee of One Good Thing show you how to make your own. || Jill Nystul {One Good Thing by Jillee}

This all-purpose cleaner can clean almost any surface in and around your home. Best of all, it's biodegradable and non-toxic, which makes safe for use around children and pets.

Save energy with this power strip-- turning off one item also turns off connected devices like DVD players and gaming consoles. "By automatically cutting power to my HDTV and other home theatre components when I turn off my PC, my electricity bill has dropped $20 a month... good for the planet and the wallet." -Home Depot customer 1000101. Click through to learn more.

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Here's a clever way to turn a plastic 2L bottle into an attractive bird feeder. It's a fun DIY project, and you'll make many new feathered friends. See it on Centsational Girl. || Centsational Girl

Test your water for potentially harmful bacteria. The EPA recommends twice yearly testing for total coli form and E. coli bacteria. Reliable results are available in 48 hours. An optional $30.00 lab analysis is available with this kit for more detailed information.

The True Cost of a Leak: Even the smallest water leak can waste several gallons per day, which is a pretty good reason why it should not be ignored. The fix is usually simple and inexpensive, too.

Front yard makeover - from grass to gorgeous... a native, drought-tolerant front yard and landscape by Becky of Organizing Made Fun. || Becky_ Organizing Made Fun™

A Keyhole Garden is a raised bed, lasagna garden, composting, and recycling system all rolled into one. The design creates a garden that uses recycled materials, less water and maintenance, and can be made handicap-accessible!