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11 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter, Conserve Energy, and Save Money

Before the winter cold hits you want to make sure you have done what you can to prepare your home for winter to both conserve energy and save money. See 11 ways you can do this.

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You Could Be Losing Out If You Are Getting A Big Tax Refund

Large income tax refunds are fun to get but you would be better off without them. Read why getting a large income tax refund may not be the best for you.

15 Dollar Store Closet Hacks If You Have Way Too Much Shit

Hang your bras on cute bathroom hooks behind your closet door. | 15 Dollar Store Closet Hacks That'll Organize Your Life For Good

8 Genius Camping Hacks

This saves all that ice water from swishing around in the cooler. It gives ice water too!

Super Easy DIY Projects that Make a Huge Difference in Your Home

Frame your windows! This is much cheaper to do yourself and with a little effort, the results look amazing. Full tutorial on Blesser House.

Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather

It's time to start thinking about winter-proofing our homes so that we can conserve energy and save money! No one wants high heating bills! If you don't know where to start, check out these 5 Ways That You Can Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather!

You'll Never Believe How Much Money I've Saved!

30 Products I Stopped Buying and Started Making at Home - Money saved? $2500 this year alone. Are you making these things too or are you still wasting your hard earned cash?