Really cute proposal! (no link)


I seriously bawled my eyes out the whole 27 minutes, it was so perfect. If you're feeling sad freaking watch this.

Book proposal

This is such an awesome idea!

Proposal idea?

locket proposal

From the Runaway Bride-- seriously one of the best proposals of all time!

15 Creative Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids - Photo via Quiet Like Horses

His pledge to her: "I will kill the spiders. I will share my fries with you when you’ve finished all yours and are still hungry. I won’t ever pop my collar. I will never be rude to your tummy- when i hear it growl and gurgle, I promise to bend down and reply respectfully. I will eat the mushrooms when we order the supreme pizza. I will kiss the papercuts. and the door-slammed finger, and the counter-bumped hip. I’ll try my hardest not to get annoyed when you whisper questions and comments du...

I would bawl!!!!

I would seriously die.

Getting the proposal right. . . okay I am not high stung or super girly when it comes to planning every detail of my engagement/wedding, that being said . . . . this is a super good guide to doing it right! Seriously someone needs to show my future husband this RIGHT HERE so he know how to do it. :P

Click on the picture and watch the video. You will not regret it. : ) Such an incredible proposal.


baseball proposal

design minded: Writing Your Own Wedding Vows


This would make me cry.