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    take a picture of your child each year against a blank wall and then use photoshop elements to list the things that your child loves most at that time ~ Ooo... ooo ... This pin gave me another great idea for this! Take photos like this of your kids on birthdays and Christmas and use the blank space to keep a record of their gifts, who from or other notable things! I love it!

  • Amanda Niederhauser/Jedi Craft Girl

    birthday photo idea - number of balloons equals age

  • Sam G

    Birthday pictures. One more balloon each year. Love this idea for the kids!

  • Alysha R. Kallus

    Take a picture of your kids each year with the appropriate number of balloons and make a list of what they enjoy at that moment... great birthday idea!

  • Laurisa L. Thompson

    like the idea of # of balloons for each year. Take a picture of your kids each year and make a list of what they enjoy at that moment. Cute idea...

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awesome little girl :) but the watermark brakes the composition :(

Yearly photos w/ interests noted. Make up a few pages in photoshop or an editing program of choice, and create a printed 8x10 book. Give to your children when they graduate as a gift...I would use a few head shots and definitely lifestyle candid shots to get the real feel of what they were like at each age.

done for 18 years, this would make the most amazingly simple yet thorough "baby book"

Design one of these for each birthday til they're 18. bound in a book for a present.

Sweet family photo. Would love one like this with my bump and the bean. And John of course!

I love this idea as a backdrop for taking pics at any party! Would be fun to do with green and red balloons and streamers for a Christmas card backdrop.

Would be so cute to have at an UP themed birthday party and take polaroids of each kid in it as a favor! : )

My kids will have a little ^ ^ ^ whateves' it's called ^ ^ ^ above their crib, with TONS of their baby pictures around it ♥

One year birthday infographic! What a cute idea for any and all birthdays.