en Paris...

ever want to make yourself feel really horrible about being single? well here's a whole blog just for you of pictures of the cutest couples on earth.

Robert Doisneau - Rue De Rivoli, Paris, 1978

Don't mess with me.


I would like this picture. One day, when I have a puppy and a child ;)

what life is all about.

© Sten Didrik Bellander

ST. TROPEZ, France—1959.

Washing turnips in the river. Photograph by Paul Schutzer. Romania, 1963.

© brassaï, les escaliers de montmartre, paris, 1936

Christer Strömholm, Paris, 1962

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"click,,,, gotcha" or "I see you seeing me"

Friends in Paris

La Méthode, Paris {Christer Ctrömholm}

photo booth.

Beijing 1957 by Marc Riboud

Le Secret, Eglantine et Laurence | photo by Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, Paris 1979