en Paris...

ST. TROPEZ, France—1959.

Édouard Boubat Montmartre, Paris, 1948

ever want to make yourself feel really horrible about being single? well here's a whole blog just for you of pictures of the cutest couples on earth.

© brassaï, les escaliers de montmartre, paris, 1936

Robert Doisneau - Rue De Rivoli, Paris, 1978

photo booth.

drawing freckles ; )...I did the same thing when I was a kid. I still like freckles!

© Sten Didrik Bellander

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paris 1960


The Fusion of change: The gentleman still riding the Penny Farthing, the symbol of the leisure class; the commoner atop the new Rover Safety, the bike of the "everyman." This picture is the equivalent of King George standing next to Thomas Jefferson. ; ) photo by Ken Russell the British film director.

Paris 1955 Photo: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Washing turnips in the river. Photograph by Paul Schutzer. Romania, 1963.

Even though we would often lean out the window side by side and watch the world go by ... even though we were as close as windows and panes ... even though we were careful not to give too many hints to who we were to those marching in the parade below ... it seems to me that the crowds of passersby always knew that one of us was a lady and a kid at heart ... and the other one? Well, the other one just was not a lady.

I'd love to have this print.


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