Shimmy, Shimmy Soda Pop: Develop Your Own Soda Pop Recipe

squishy circuit cookie cutouts holding hands with LED

Erosion lesson :LOVE!

Learning With LEGO program - how to build a tall tower

Create a thunderstorm in a cup like we did at our Crash Boom Bang event!

Ancient Egypt means hands-on student #science! In the "Minding Your Mummies: The Science of Mummification" science Project Idea, student learn about the rituals and science of mummification by mummifying a hot dog using baking soda. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

Pollination - The Beauty Of Pollination

Erosion and Pollution Science Experiment - Easy to set up science experiment that shows the value of understanding how an ecosystem works.

water liquid below freezing

In the "The Effect of Bridge Design on Weight Bearing Capacity" civil engineering #science Project Idea, students build bridges using both straws and wooden sticks and then put them to the test. It's build and break hands-on science and engineering fun! A convenient project kit is available to do this science project. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

Rock candy

Science at Home: Baking Soda Science for kids via @Trish Papadakos - DAiSYS & dots | Inspiration Laboratories

20 Science Projects for Preschoolers - will definitely try some of these with the kids (especially the wizard's brew)!

How does the tilt of the Earth's axis create seasons? In the "The Reason for the Seasons" #science project, students explore the relationship between axial tilt and how the Sun's rays strike Earth. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

Air Pressure Can Crusher | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

Teachers: the Hang-Ups Family Organizer is perfect to use in the classroom! I like this idea better than the absent folders, easier to place the extras in the folder and reduce clutter on the desk!

Environmental Science Project growing biomes in plastic bags