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  • Adrian D

    Adopt a pet - best thing you will ever do. Tags - dog quotes, adoption quotes

  • Debbie Bradford

    In memory of my furbabies that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  • Sheyenne McLaurin

    Adopt a shelter dog. (From the Llasa Apso Rescue page on FB) .. this makes me so sad ): such an animal lover

  • Brianna Circle

    A happy pet's will & testament- Oh my goodness, I got so teary eyed reading this!

  • Darlene Gambrell

    This made me tear up a little. It's so true. It's so sad when a beloved pet passes away but don't say you're never getting another one. The happy times you shared with your pet was well worth this sad time. You gave an animal a home and a good life. It was worth it to them.

  • Amanda Erickson

    This is the only thing I have to give, the love I left behind. So sad but so sweet. I love and miss you Spanky. And I love you Sam and Sable.

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I am watching you walking away from me in can't be aren't going to let me die here...surely you will turn any second now and say it was a joke...DON'T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE! PLEASE! COME BACK!!

if i hide in here, nobody can see me.

So many emotions ... intense anger and hatred, devastating sadness, and finally overwhelming joy. If only all neglected and abused dogs could become a success story like this one.

Why can't I help but talk in a funny voice when I read these? :) Love it!

Sometimes this can be true. When you rescue a dog it can add years to your life. When my mom rescued her dog she said she gained a friend not just a puppy! Even though they might not be pure breed they will still be your friend and to me that is worth way more :)

Dog warns parents that dirtbag babysitter was abusing child. Dogs are truly a man's/woman's best friend :)

old dogs are the best dogs, and make a family complete. Love them to the end

Take my picture, please.

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The rescue of a street dog…these always make me so sad, but also very happy! Luckily the sad days are gone and the good ones are ahead!