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The Ultimate Pilates Ab Workout: 6 Must-Try Moves

Footwork How to: Lie directly in the center of the mat, and bring your knees into your chest (a). Curl your head and chest up. Gazing at your abdominals, stack hands palm over palm like a pillow and place them directly behind the head (b). With heels together and toes pointed, turn your knees out, keeping them shoulder-distance apart (c). Send legs out to a high diagonal, at least 45 degrees from the ground, and hold (d). Bend knees back towards your ears. Repeat 10 times.

The Pilates Myth

Pilates Benefits For Plus Sized Bodies | The myth of Pilates and plus-sized women. #refinery29

Start your week with a little pilates session with us. Privates, semi-privates and classes throughout the day!

6 Pilates Ring Exercises for Abs

West LA Pilates sign: Your door to a new graceful, sleek, healthy person!

Woman owned, woman run, women staffed: West LA Pilates ... grateful to celebrate this day all year round. #pilates

Why What When How to Pilates. 12 Reasons you should do Pilates. As a Pilates Instructor I truly believe in the benefits of it.