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How to Build a Chicken Coop in 4 Easy Steps

Cheap Chicken Coop | Cool DIY Projects & Homesteading How-To’s | Pioneer Settler | DIY Projects and How-To’s with Pallets at

Pickin' the Right Frickin' Chicken: Guide to Picking Backyard Chicken Breeds. The X's designate excellent predator awareness, etc.

Chicken Dust Bath: The Ultimate Spa Treatment

Few chicken activities are as entertaining to humans as the dust bath. To the uninitiated, stumbling upon a dust-bathing chicken can be alarming and is often mistaken for seizure activity or death. Prior to getting my first chickens, I had read about dust baths, so I was prepared for the sight and the first time I witnessed it, I found it hilarious- I still do. A dust bath is the chicken equivalent of a shower- it is both functional and recreational; chickens use dust baths to clean…

Follow these steps to add wheels that can be raised and lowered on your chicken tractor/coop. Wheels give easy maneuverability to any chicken tractor/coop. With step by step photos of what you need and how to assemble and use. (See my other videos on how to build the chicken tractor itself.)