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  • Jessica Hughes

    Cabbage Patch Kid Juice on

  • Alyssa Aldrich

    My favorite childhood memory.

  • Leah Woods

    The lovable little dolls known as the Cabbage Patch Kids were released in 1983. Had a boy CPK

  • Katrina Richmond

    Cabbage Patch Kids. I remember I had a girl with brown hair named Brittany, a bald boy named Zack (probably after Zack Morris - hahaha), and I think I had another girl....?

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My mom used to wear these all the time!!

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1980 Large Golden Dreams Vinyl Barbie Case... mom had one of these that she gave me from when she was a kid:-)

The weird taste any drink had when you drank it out of your lunchbox thermos

80's MUCH.?

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hahahaha awww, yes, put on pull up, then PUSH down to be cool!

Barbie bubbling spa! I remember this!

Gotta love Barbie shoes!!!


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banana clips, haha!

Memorex tapes - spent hours creating Mixtapes!

Can't remember which one I had! I think I had a few?

Saturday morning cartoons were the best!

Juice bars

kool aid plastic mugs