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LOVE IT. Reminds me of Sadie girl when she found a little hole in our fence. She would constantly use that to smell what was going on out on the walking path behind it. hahaha

Saint Roch is the patron saint of dogs.Who knew dogs had their own saints, but I hope he is watching over Daisy in heaven.

i wouldnt get this as anything id hang in my home or anything,but awh,if theres a heaven this is it

"Tattooed Dog Lover" as freaky as this is... it's love man!!!

Saint Roch, Patron Saint of Dogs...

Dog cookies, well isnt this the cutest idea instead of the over played human cookies!

aww dog ♥ pug and saint bernard ♥

I Can Has Cheezburger? - Page 4 - Lolcats n Funny Pictures - funny pictures - Cheezburger

If you lost your dog this is going to help you... hope this NEVER happens but good to know in case it does!