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awww I want one!

We owned three curly horses - there are no horses like them. Curly horses are known for having extremely calm, intelligent, friendly, curious and willing personalities, often being described as having "puppy dog" temperaments.

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Kind of difficult to tell, but this precious little appy foal may be All Brown Leopard Appaloosa. Meaning, all spots over its body like a leopard. Pretty little thing.

Bad Warrior Curly Horse- My great grandfather Eli Bad Warrior first had these horses...Green Grass, South Dakota.

Curly horse - Learned about the curly horses from Lovely. They are just adorable!

Icelandic white horse.

These pictures are so cute! Gorgeous Wild Horse in Iceland Penguin under water Beautiful Wild animals pictures and Nature Photo Gallery.

Super cute a little river

:) This baby needs me to Wuv it. sugars and kisses and hugs. rock it to sleep :)

Brown & White Speckled Horse

A fleabitten grey with a really unique "badger face" marking. What a gorgeous horse! This is the most unique marking ive ever seen on a horse.

What a special markings for this beautiful American Paint Horse!

Wildly weird colored horse by Brooks Paints And Quarter Horses.