6-hole card-weaving instructions (see the PDFs under "tablet weaving")

Beautiful card woven band in progress. This is the work of KurtFML who posts some of his work on Flickr. He notes on this one "6Threads Per Tablet"

Card weaving setup by Tarja_, via Flickr #weaving #tablet

Birka 12 as woven pattern


This image explained so much to me about tablet weaving! - great site with a lot of research.

Tablet Weaving Patterns for 6 sided cards? Interesting, but I don't see the point when you could make something similar with 4 sided cards...

Designing tablet weaving patterns

Tablet Weaving Patterns 9 by ~eqos.... I like the one with the diamonds. looks easy enough.

Patterns for tablet weaving

Tablet weaving

Tablet Weaving

tablet weaving patterns!

Ravelry: Tablet Weaving

tablet weaving tools

Complete tablet weaving tutorial, including nice pattern and clear explanation of s and z threading.

Paper and plastic cards of various sizes card weaving/ tablet weaving

Tablet weaving patterns in Futhark Runes. Soooo doing this for my next tablet weaving project!

Hallstatt Tablet Weaving card weaving

Reinforced card-woven edging

Tablet weaving