6-hole card-weaving instructions (see the PDFs under "tablet weaving")

This is a good introduction to tablet weaving. It will not replace a detailed book, but gives further instruction for some of the different patterns you can achieve.

Weaving Video: Learn Tablet Weaving Techniques and More, Handwoven | InterweaveStore.com

tablet weaving instructions

tablet weaving tools

Making tablet weaving cards from leather

tablet weaving

Tablet weaving loom by brigittepicart, via Flickr

card weaving

tablet weaving

brocaded tablet weaving

card weaving - Brettchenweben #weaving #tablet

card weaving/tablet weaving

Copper tablet weaving loom

For tablet weaving

Card weaving/Tablet weaving

A simple tablet weaving pattern for 6-hole cards/hexagonal tablets/cards.

Antlers Tablet Weaving Pattern

Card Weaving w/pattern

tablet weaving

Brettchenweberin | multi-tablet weaving