• Angela Tudor

    (ill use for sub plan)Symmetry: 3rd grade Magazine pictures cut in half, students drew the mirror image on the other side. Super fun. They loved doing it. Lots of art and math. Cool!

  • Tamara Crawford-Van Wyhe

    Symmetry: Magazine pictures cut in half, students drew the mirror image on the other side. Super art and math activity.

  • Elyse

    Grade 3 Symmetry: cut magazine pictures in half and have students draw the mirror image on the other side.

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Students can find the lines of symmetry by cutting out the shapes and folding them in half to form a mirror image. On a fresh coy of the same worksheet, they can now draw in the lines of symmetry that they discovered from the folding activity on the shapes provided.

symmetry....take picture, cut in half and have the kids draw the other and it!

Symmetry anchor chart- a great idea for when kids start learning about symmetry to make with them at home as a reference sheet

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