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Love the hair and the outfit. This girl has the perfect style! Zooey Deschanel is a style icon.

I have two actress crushes and one is on Zooey Deschanel. She has great style and is not afraid to be herself.

"pretty & messy" M. Cloherty: Really, this is what we're doing these days, guys? You're really making it more socially acceptable when I roll out of bed without brushing my hair, keep my eyebrows thick and lay around indoors letting my skin turn pasty/"porcelain" white? Alright. I'll take it.

"New Girl" style. Totally getting this outfit!

I have no idea what "ombre" is. That is what her hair is said to be. It's long and red. I find no reason to give it a secret foreign name. Just tell it like it is, Beautiful. @baylee beckman

any of these, really. only made warmer because Portland is a dreary place

NEW GIRL: JESS'S GRAPHIC APPEAL photo | Zooey Deschanel

get the details on Zooey Deschanel's ladylike outfit!

Shorts, tights and striped sweater

Zooey Deschanel's yellow gold floral dress on New Girl Season 3