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baby hedgehogs (^_-)

Pictures of the day: 7 June 2012

Surprised midwife Keiley Tuck and her husband Lee found three abandoned baby hedgehogs in their garage in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. The couple were moving their old washing machine when they.

Hedgehog Nature Paintings | Baby Hedgehog by Lonacc on DeviantArt

Found in my garden last year during daytime (which is somewhat unusual because hedgehogs are nocturnal animals.

The females usually reach sexual maturity at age 61 to 68 days old; nevertheless, most of the first pregnancies happen around 6 to 8 months old.

Essential Things You Need to Know About Baby Hedgehog

Are you looking for a Michigan Hedgehog Baby? Blizzard Baby Hedgehogs: is a Michigan hedgehog breeder. We breed hedgehogs first and foremost for health and temperment. We do produce a wide variety of hedgehog babies in various colors.

david shepherd baby hedgehog print

david shepherd baby hedgehog print

Poor l'il bubba, get well soon, Pumpkin!! Pumpkin the bald hedgehog at the Prickles Hedgehog Rescue Hogspital, Cheddar, Somerset, England.

Poor BALD baby hedgehog to spend Christmas indoors after losing his spikes

Pumpkin was found struggling to walk and taken to Prickles Hedgehog Rescue Centre in Somerset

Cute with it's tongue sticking out :) I want a hedgehog!

Family of hedgehogs.  #Hedgehogs #Animals

Family of hedgehogs. #Hedgehogs #Animals

A small hedgehog walking through a purple tube.

This adorable baby animal is an African pygmy hedgehog. Beautiful photo capture of this baby hedgehog by Adam Foster Thanks Adam for sharing this wonderful Baby Animal Photo.