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  • Sandy R.

    Ryan Gosling… was it the notebook? is it that he's so damn pretty? I <3 this man!

  • Laura Kelley

    Hey girl, I just did a needs assessment and the only thing I need is you. (too funny! Social worker Ryan Gosling!) @Rebecca Germain

  • Charlotte Jones

    Ryan Gosling is just to hot for his own good #amazing #dreamman #hot #fit #men #popular #ryangosling

  • Chris Coleman

    Ryan Gosling, eye candy

  • Rachel Floyd

    Ryan Gosling "Hey girl" + Teacher Humor = Amazing

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Hey Girl teacher... lol this is really funny. I want to print them out for all my female teacher friends' doors.

Hey girl, Of course I don't mind folding and organizing all of your fabric. And when I'm done - let's go shopping for more.

It can't be too much to ask if the most perfect man in the world is willing to contribute to creating euphoric experiences in my life.

Did I mention that this is the most amazing thing ever? I love you too Adam. I love you too.

Hey girl. You're right. (Lullaby) Chalkboard paint would be perfect on that.

The Ugly Sweater: Hey Girl .... I don't think he could possibly have found ALL of my Michael's receipts. And even if he did -- he still hasn't found the JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby ones. :-D

hey girl, i'd love to hear the difference between a direct object and an indirect object.

hey girl ryan gosling...I get tired of all the posts with him, but this one made me laugh out loud!