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  • Elizabeth Flores

    The Hosta Guacamole is one of those rare and hard to find fragrant hostas. Most Hostas have little to no scent but this one has a very strong fragrance and very large white flowers. All fragrant Hostas are from the Hosta plantaginea line. This Hosta plant can also handle quite a bit of sun which is nice for those of use that can find little shade in the garden. This is a variegated hosta with a lighter yellow green base and darker green along the outer edges of the leaves. The leaves are heart shaped with a nice ribbing that really brings sets of the colors this plant. The coloration of this plant is extremely unique and very attractive and in combination with the fragrant flowers it is almost impossible not to covet it. This hardy perennial plant can be grown in zones 3-9. The size of this plant is 24in. high x 30in. wide not huge but a good sized plant. This plant will fit into a smaller garden that the huge hosta plants will not fit into. Other than a little extra sun this plant takes the same care as other Hosta's and is easily propagated by division. Hosta Guacamole is a sport of Fragrant Bouquet and has started quite a line of food based Hosta names. Some of the sports that come from

  • Paula Davison

    Guacamole Hosta - Hosta x 'Guacamole' | Bylands Nurseries Ltd.

  • Montgomery Gardens, LLC

    #hosta 'Guacamole' has HUGE , glossy, apple green leaves are surrounded by streaked, dark green leaf margins just like an avocado. The leaf centers become brighter gold in summer and when exposed to more sunlight while the margins remain dark green. Very fragrant, flared, pale lavender flowers appear on 36" scapes in late summer. A rapid grower that displays good sun tolerance. $240 / 20 plants

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Quacamole Plantain Lily: I haven't seen any thing with this curvy a leaf. Love the variegated leaves. Fragrant. Needs constantly moist soil.

Paradise Power Hosta | Pictured is a young version of this Hosta. Mature versions have a height of 20”, a spread of 60” Part-Full Shade. It will become a very striking and distinctive Hosta.

Monkshood and hosta. Hardy to Zone 2, monkshood is a good alternative to hollyhocks or foxgloves in a less-forgiving climate. Its dark blue blooms, which appear on tall stalks from mid-summer to early fall, are attractive to bees and butterflies. Monkshood prefers moist, well drained soil in full sun and would make an excellent pairing with veronica or lady's mantle. Read more:

Guacamole Hosta--mine are big enough to hide behind and the chartreuse color is spectacular.

#hosta 'June' is a sport of H. 'Halcyon' with distinct, pointed, ovate leaves, and beautiful variegation. The leaves have wide, streaked, blue-green margins and chartreuse centers in spring. Leaf center becomes medium to light gold in summer with enough sun exposure, but will remain chartreuse in full shade. Leaves are of heavy substance and are slug-resistant. Pale bluish-lavender flowers appear on 20" scapes in mid to late summer. $240 / 20 plants

"June" hosta (2001 Hosta of the Year by the American Hosta Grower's Association) bears thick golden-yellow foliage with streaky blue-green edges. It also offers a bit of sun tolerance. In fact, with a couple of hours of morning sun, 'June' displays brighter gold leaf centers -

Hosta Guacamole